Letter To Our Alumni & Friends


Dear Alumni and Friends of Leo High School,

When I first walked inside the doors of Leo HS 40 plus years ago, I never imagined the opportunities the “Leo Experience” would afford me throughout my life’s journey. I know many of you can relate when I say as I stand here today I am a far better person because of my relationships with outstanding administrators, teachers, fellow alumni, parents and friends of Leo HS. It’s because of that I continue to do everything in my power to help ensure Leo HS continue to provide the next generation of young men with the opportunity to benefit from the “Leo Experience”.

As an Alumnus, Administrator, Coach and Present Parent of a Leo student I feel compelled to ask ALL MEN and Friends of Leo High School to rededicate yourselves to our “Mission on 79th Street”. As Mr. McGrath stated in a recent newsletter “The Leo Family never abandoned its home and community; when so many others took flight we stayed”. While, many of you give financially and others sacrifice their invaluable time to personally work with our young men, there are far too many of you who are like spectators, watching and wondering what’s going to happen next. For us to continue our efforts to provide the next generation of young men the “Leo Experience” an opportunity to receive a quality education challenging students academically, physically and spiritually EVERYONE has to do more!

Some of you may think donating a few hundred dollars won’t make a difference, or you’ve been away far too long and not quite sure how to reconnect or maybe your “Leo Experience” wasn’t the greatest. I’m here to tell you Leo High School needs each of you more now than ever. We need you out of the stands and in the game making a difference in the lives of our future Leo Men!

So, what is “ONE PRIDE”?

“ONE PRIDE” is an organization created by Alumni and Friends of LEO HS, designed to give you the opportunity to interact directly with students, make financial contributions toward scholarships all while networking and socializing with other supporters of Leo HS at various events and activities throughout the year.

This is not an attempt to create a new Alumni Association and we strongly encourage ALL graduates of Leo High School to join and participate in Alumni Association activities.

In the upcoming weeks you will receive a questionnaire from ONE PRIDE please complete and return as we would like to keep you informed of all the happenings of this exciting new organization!


Michael Holmes



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